Important Disclaimer
This project is dark comedy. The story, the words, the names, the characters, the words on every single page or document or picture, the logos, and all art portrayed in this project is fictitious. No identification with actual persons living or deceased, places, buildings, impotent politicians, and products are intended or should be inferred. The authors are not anti-semetic, Jews Rock. (I actually asked my team about this and I found out that I am a Philosemite. That means I love jews.)

The authors do not intend to incite a revolution or the overthrow of the United States Government. The authors do not condone the use of force, violence, or weapons improvised or otherwise. This entire project is a work of fiction.

Less Important Disclaimer

Stop getting upset at art in general. Your delicate sensibilities are so pathetic, I can't believe you are the product of 240+ generations of modern human clawing, ripping and tearing their way through life to survive and you're here thousands of years later upset at a fucking picture or words on a fucking screen. Fuck you. Honestly, fuck you and die.