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Welcome to the

banned ape yarmulke cabal

BAYC is a collection of 6 gorillion* Banned Ape NFTs—unique and offensive digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain forever (there's nothing you can do about it). Your Banned Ape token doubles as your Cabal membership and grants access to ape owners-only benefits including an exclusive real life yarmulke (Made in China)! Own a piece of history with these apes, join a cutting edge NFT space and find out why WAGMI!

* 1 gorillion = 1 thousand
  6 gorillion rare apes in total



6 gorillion provably-rare Banned Ape tokens

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All apes mint for 0.08 ETH

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT 

The Yarmulke: A member's-only physical gift given to every token holder.

Gain additional benefits through roadmap activations


The Banned Ape Yarmulke Cabal is a unique and ambitious NFT project which will give perks, prizes and merch to token holders, including a real yarmulke that proves you're really part of the cabal!

We have an exciting roadmap, upcoming airdrops, giveaways, member-exclusive games, tons of reveals and more.

The BANNED token is minting - NOW!

One special quality of our NFTs is that if you can cryptographically prove that you own a specific art piece, we grant you a commercial license for that NFT for physical merchandise. Have fun printing your unique racist ape on a shirt! Everyone will think you're completely normal!

You will need Metamask and 0.08 ETH (plus a small unavoidable gas fee).
You can download Metamask here, and find places to buy ethereum here.

Total apes = 6000. Available for public mint = 5960. The other 40 are reserved for giveaways and influencers with balls.

We truly believe in pushing the NFT space to the cutting edge and testing the waters by bringing you quality controversial art in the virtual and physical space. We're committed to seeing the Banned Ape project through until we finish a Roadmap 2.0 and beyond! Racism won't end at least until 2025 thanks to the Banned Apes!